Calibar Pharmaceuticals

a company truly dedicated to Healthcare!

At Calibar Pharmaceuticals, our focus is on developing medicines that are of highest quality as well as affordable to the patients. We are at the forefront of providing quality pharmaceuticals that improve the quality of lives and help people live longer and better lives.

We area leading pharmaceutical company with a broad spectrum of innovative medical solutions. For more than 15 years, we have been active in the discovery and development, manufacturing and marketing of novel healthcare solutions. Our products bring significant benefit to the patients.

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Vision, Mission & Values

The vision of Calibar Pharmaceuticals is to become the leader in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry by providing high quality and affordable medicines. We want to become a Global Brand with our commitment and dedication.

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Quality Assurance

Calibar Pharmaceuticals provides finest pharmaceutical products across India. To manufacture the pharmacy products that are consumed by patients all over India - requires high standards and consistent quality assurance.

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